Privacy policy

This privacy policy describes how we handle your personal data.

Edpnet does everything necessary to respect your privacy. Your personal data will only be used within the edpnet group and will never be passed on to third parties for commercial purposes without your consent. Edpnet does not sell your personal data to third parties.

1. Your personal data is our responsibility

Edpnet distinguishes different types of personal data, which can be combined:

  • User data: such as, but not limited to, your name, first name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, mobile phone number, date of birth, language and a copy of your identity card, your bank account number, your payment behavior;
  • Technical data: such as, but not limited to, model and serial number of the hardware you have purchased, as well as the software versions you use;
  • Traffic data: such as, but not limited to your IP address;
  • Location data: these data determine, among other things, the location of your SIM card with regard to your edpnet mobile subscription, with which your mobile device is connected;
  • Usage data: the data we receive when you use your edpnet service(s), such as there are, but not limited to, call numbers, date and time, duration and location of a call or internet connection.

As the law states, edpnet does not collect and process sensitive data relating to racial or ethnic origin, political or sexual preferences and health.

Your personal data is collected through various channels, as listed below, but not limited to:

  • Online order form;
  • Online contact forms;
  • Online chat;
  • Call me back function;
  • Via third parties (only for the performance of our services).

For the processing of your personal data on our website and associated subsites, forms and applications, we kindly refer to our Cookie Policy page

Your personal data will be included in the database of edpnet nv, Van Landeghemstraat 20, 9100 Sint-Niklaas and will be used:

  • To be able to supply the edpnet service(s) you have requested (preparation, activation, invoicing of the agreement between edpnet and you as a customer);
  • To be able that the edpnet service(s) can be installed by a technician. Edpnet limits itself only to the specific personal data required for the execution of the installation;
  • To be able to terminate the edpnet service(s) you have requested if you have submitted a termination request to edpnet in any traceable manner;
  • To provide you as a customer with the best service at all times, being technical support from the edpnet helpdesk;
  • To be able to inform you as a customer at any time about possible network problems that may have an impact on the use of your edpnet service(s);
  • To be able to inform you as a customer at all times about promotions relating to the edpnet service(s) you use and in accordance with the applicable opt-out rules;
  • To ask how satisfied you are with your edpnet service(s);
  • To be able to guarantee your security (presence of cameras within the edpnet office, detection of possible fraud, infringement or hacking of the edpnet service(s) which you use, ...);
  • To be able to properly handle a possible complaint;
  • To be able in case of default, to inform the necessary authorities (collection agency and legal service providers) for further follow-up of unpaid invoices;
  • To comply with the legal or regulatory provisions to which edpnet is subject, such as but not limited to:
    • your location determination that is passed on to the emergency services when you call it or in the event of an imminent danger or disaster;
    • the retention of a maximum of 12 months of telephony and internet data;
    • In the context of a police or judicial investigation in which edpnet can be obliged by means of an official application to communicate certain data in a confidential manner to the necessary authorities;
  • To keep track of reports, tests and statistics. Edpnet uses your anonymous, aggregated data for this. These data cannot be returned to a specific individual. This data is used to evaluate and improve internal processes, as well as for the possible development of new products and services.
  • To invite you to a job interview after you have registered as a candidate for an open vacancy at edpnet.

Edpnet does not apply automatic decision-making (whether or not based on profiling) to which legal consequences are attached or which can significantly affect you, unless:

  • this is necessary for entering into or executing your agreement (including blocking your connection due to non-payment) or;
  • we have obtained your explicit permission for this.

You will be informed of this in advance, together with your right to demand human intervention and the way in which you can challenge this.

In case your personal data should be processed internationally, edpnet ensures through contractual or other measures that these data enjoy the same level of protection as the protection within the European Union, in accordance with European regulations.

2. General privacy choices

If you do not wish to receive information about edpnet promotions via e-mail or if you have a specific preference in terms of communication channel (e.g. contact via fixed number or mobile number, etc.), you can at all times indicate / change this in your my edpnet account (under 'My administration', 'My personal details') or you notify edpnet by e-mail (info[at] Please note that the fact that you no longer wish to receive information about edpnet promotions does not affect our right to contact you within the framework of the execution of the agreement or if the law obliges us to do so.

Website visitors who are not edpnet customers will only be contacted by email or telephone after they have provided this personal information and have explicitly requested this.

3. Safety

Edpnet has taken all reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized access and use, loss or theft, such as: security of your passwords, encryption software, firewalls, antivirus, intrusion and anomaly detection, as well as control for the edpnet employees (the number of Employees who have access to your personal data are limited and access is only granted insofar as these specific data are required to perform their tasks properly).

If a data breach should occur with adverse consequences for your personal data, you will be informed in the circumstances provided by the law.

When receiving your data, we always use the coding technologies that are recognized as common standards within the IT sector. We have implemented the necessary security measures to prevent the loss, unauthorized use or modification of information that we receive from you. If we receive or transfer certain critical information, such as financial information, for example, we use a secure server. If we transfer data to third parties with whom we are contractually linked (such as online payment parties), these third parties must take sufficient security measures within the framework of the contract provisions, such as SSL encryption.

The content of the communication traffic that goes through the edpnet network such as fixed and mobile telephone calls, e-mails, text messages and the content of your surfing behavior on the internet is protected by the laws on telecommunications secrecy. This means that edpnet and edpnet employees are not allowed to take note of the existence or the content of such communication. Edpnet has taken the necessary security measures and has given the necessary instructions to employees to respect the telecommunication secrecy.

The number of edpnet employees who have access to your personal data is limited. Moreover, they are only granted access to carry out their duties properly.

If your personal data is consulted and processed outside the European Union, edpnet will do everything to ensure that your data is protected in accordance with European regulations.

The phone calls you make with our helpdesk can be included in the context of quality control. In this case, you will be informed of this in advance and will be asked for your explicit permission.

4. Retention periods for your personal data

Edpnet will not store your personal data longer than necessary. The retention periods may vary:

  • to comply with accounting and tax obligations: edpnet is obliged to keep your billing data for at least 7 years;
  • to meet legal obligations: edpnet is obliged to keep certain data as proof in case of disputes and this up to a maximum of 10 years after termination of your contract;
  • to meet legal obligations: the obligation to retain traffic data for a maximum of 12 months;
  • personal data can be processed up to 1 year after termination of the agreement to contact you for possible interest in edpnet services (unless you explicitly chose not to receive edpnet promotions or commercial messages).
  • Application data (letter, CV, references, testimonials ...) are kept for a maximum of 4 weeks after the closing date of the vacancy. If you have given your explicit agreement to keep this data in 'portfolio', edpnet will keep it for a maximum of 1 year.

After these periods have expired, all data will be erased or anonymized.

5. Your privacy rights

You have a right of access, improvement, limitation, transfer and deletion with regard to your personal data. You can send a request (with date and signature) with a copy of your identity card to the address mentioned in article 6.

  • Right to access: you have the right to ask edpnet at all times whether or not we process your personal data, and if so to view this data. You can request a free copy of this processed personal data in an understandable form. Edpnet is entitled to request an administrative fee for each additional copy that you would request;
  • Right to rectify: you have the right to have incomplete, incorrect, inappropriate or outdated personal data corrected. In order to keep your personal data up to date, edpnet requests you to report any change, such as a move, new e-mail address, renewal of your identity card. Periodically you will be asked in your my edpnet account if the registered contact details are still up to date;
  • Right to restrict: you have the right to obtain a restriction of the processing of your personal data if you dispute its accuracy, if the processing of your personal data is unlawful, if you need the data for establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims, if no decision has yet been taken on the exercise of your right to object to the processing;
  • Right to transfer: you have the right to transfer your personal data in the context of the Easy Switch procedure;
  • Right to delete: you have the right to have your personal data removed if:
    • they are no longer required for the purposes for which they have been processed;
    • you withdraw an earlier consent to processing and there is no other legal basis for edpnet to invoke for (further) processing;
    • you object to the processing and there are no more serious, justified grounds for (further) processing;
    • your personal data are processed unlawfully;
    • a legal obligation must be met.

6. Practical

You can exercise your rights or file complaints about the processing of your personal data by contacting edpnet at the following address: edpnet nv, for the attention of Data Protection Officer, Van Landeghemstraat 20, 9100 Sint-Niklaas or via

Edpnet needs to verify your identity. Therefor we ask you to include a copy of your identity card with your request. You can exercise your privacy rights free of charge, unless your request is unfounded or excessive. Edpnet can then charge a reasonable fee, taking into account the administrative costs to be able to carry out the request, or refuse to execute the request.  Edpnet will respond within 30 days to your request.

Edpnet may use your personal data for new purposes that are not yet provided for in our "privacy policy". In that case, we will contact you before using your data for these new purposes, to inform you of the changes to our regulations for the protection of personal data and to give you the opportunity to refuse your participation.

Upon request we grant visitors to our site access to all information that we keep of them. If you wish to access this information, please contact us at the above address.

On request we offer visitors the opportunity to correct any incorrect data that we keep of them. If you wish to improve your personal data, please contact us at the above address.

If you feel that our site is not in accordance with our privacy policy, please contact us at the above address.

If this privacy policy is changed, you can always find the most recently published version on this page. If the law so requires, edpnet will inform you individually.

7. Legal information

Notice to European Users: this privacy statement has been drawn up with due observance of the obligations in art. 10 of the European Directive 95/46 / EC and the provisions of European Directive 2002/58 / EC.

This Privacy Policy text was last updated on 30/05/2018